Misses, Magic & Surprises…

It is not surprising, as W.I.N. approaches its first year anniversary, to reflect on a year of challenges, misses, successes and surprises all adding up to a magical year.

Creating the W.I.N. space had some misses: painting a tree on the wall 3 times before it actually looked like a tree, trip after trip to IKEA loading tables to find the right table that fit the space, and choosing the right color yellow for the walls that didn’t remind you of a bumble bee!

What a surprise realizing, that after overcoming the challenges of the computer (so out of my comfort zone!) with all the related applications (too many in my opinion!) and adapting to social media, that this chore can actually be effective in building a community of creatives.

Next stop on the W.I.N. journey is a BLOG. After a review of the first year, we will share the coming year of surprises, successes (with a few misses thrown in for good measure) and the magic that is W.I.N. Here we go…


  1. Lisa Carroll says:

    Magic is what she created. A very special place to be and create…. You feel the energy as soon as you enter W.I.N. for sure. Every where there is art is a special feeling. Watching her grow was a magical experience in itself. Sarah – I am so proud of you.

    And for those who don’t feel that creative side – as I did – Sarah and the magic of W.I.N. will bring it out of you. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing it come alive inside myself sitting in this amazing space she created. I promise!!!

  2. Cindi Richards says:

    Hi Sarah….

    I love your “space”! From knitting, crocheting, to book folding….I have learned and enjoyed a great deal!
    I was wondering if you would have a class or two on how to make that “3D tiger image” you have in the back room? I would also love to learn how to chalk paint on a piece of furniture. Maybe we could bring in a small piece just learn and then possibly tackle a larger piece!
    Let me know….I will see you next Monday at knitting!
    Have a great holiday weekend!

    Cindi Richards

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