“Making the simple complicated is common place; making the complicate simple, awesomely simple, that’s
creativity.” — Charles Mingus.

It is amazing how, when presented  with  the opportunity to share, the amount of giving  that happens. WIN started out with only a few instructors. Since the beginning,  the network of creatives has expanded beyond expectations. The energy, vitality and enthusiasm of  WIN’s instructors rejuvenates the spirit every day.

We have said “Good-bye” to Sarah as she has gone on to pursue new adventures. But Said “Hello” to Heather, Susan, Joan,  Jean,  Jane!!!  Each new addition has brought a new experience of joy,  wonder and gratitude for what can be achieved with a willing heart and an eagerness to share creative talent. The transformation of students becoming teachers  and teachers becoming students is magical.

Our door is always open to new creatives who would like to share their talents and passion. Are you interested in creating and teaching a class at WIN? We are looking for creatives/makers/artists with skills and abilities to inspire others to discover their creative selves. Kind and collaborative, a place to grow, evolve and contribute…Join the Fun!

Please contact us if you are interested. Thank you!