About Women's Inspiration Nest

I am a creative gypsy. A wanderer traveling from medium to medium and from class to class searching for instruction. I have made some really good art and some, well, not worth mentioning. The experience of exploring all the options to create is exciting and has given me so much joy. It has given me the confidence to try…if I just try I feel I have been successful. It has stretched my imagination and broadened my horizons while expanding my abilities and appreciation of what really goes into creating something worthwhile.

While looking for classes and workshops, I discovered there are other makers out there, wanting to make a connection with other artistic adventurers. Sharing a space to play and a place to challenge the imagination builds trust and friendships . A collaborative and kind atmosphere in which to gather, renew and bond thru common interests opens up new worlds. Encouraging words and constructive, positive feedback are very much a part of the creative process.

Working in the vacuum of the basement, which I laughingly call my studio, or on the dining room table around the mail, wasn’t doing it for me anymore. And so, the dream of Women’s Inspiration Nest…WIN was born. If you want to be part of something you may have to create it. So, after many years in the real estate sales world I decided the time was finally here!

My passion is bookmaking, book art, paper arts and the newly found art of Zentangle. In addition and for others, there is collage, card making, paper mache, origami, paper flowers, lifestyle art, seasonal home décor, mixed media, water colors, journaling … all activities that can be part of the WIN mix. It is just a start…the menu is evolving and can be expanded.

What is your passion? Want to start a Book Guild? A Crafters Guild? Have a Meet-up for Zentangle ? Perhaps you have some pieces you would like to consign and showcase your talent. Or, perhaps, you are a teacher who would like to offer a class in your discipline, to share your gifts to help others discover theirs. It is all within your reach…If not now, when?

So that’s it…I’ve told you about my dream and asked you about yours. Come, join the fun. Dare to put it out there. Be part of our “nest”…play, inspire, create!

Always Dreaming,